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آموزش حرکت پرس پا با دستگاه leg press machine

Full training of the leg press with the machine:

For a long time, I was going to prepare a paper titled “Moving leg Press” with a machine for your friends and explaining the correct way to do the press release move for you.

Moving the leg press with the machine is one of the most important leg exercises that both beginners and professional athletes always practice.

If you are not familiar with the press machine, I will give you a brief description of this machine .

The main parts of the press machine can be seen in the image below.

Yes, everything seems simple. The shoulder that is attached to the hip and the back is attached to the back, and the second part is the locus where the legs are placed.

On either side of the machine , you can put your body weight and start practicing.

In this article, we want to look carefully at the many effects that our small changes make to the movement of the press on the machine .

The muscles involved in moving the leg press with the machine:

The main muscles in the movement of the presser with the machine : quadriceps (right-hand muscle, internal wisdom muscle, external wisdom muscle, middle wisdom muscle)

Auxiliary muscles in the movement of the leg press with the machine : the head (hips), hamstring (back of the leg ), closers (under the muscles of the quadriceps)

Now that you’re familiar with the muscles involved in moving your leg press with the machine , we’ll show you how to push on these muscles.

Leg Position in leg Press with machine :

The position of the legs down: When you place your legs at the bottom of the platform and the width of the shoulder, it increases concentration on the four-leg muscles.

Position of the legs above: If you put your legs above the platform and the width of the shoulder, due to the angle, the concentration of exercise pressure will be on the serine and hamstring muscles.

آموزش حرکت پرس پا با دستگاه آموزش حرکت پرس پا با دستگاه

Euthanasia of the legs in the movement of the leg press with the machine , also plays a very important role in getting the exercise pressure on the muscles.

Leg spacing as shoulder width: If the legs are as wide as the shoulder width and are up and down in the center, all four-headed muscles will be targeted.

Left legs over shoulder width: If the legs are open over the shoulder and centered up and down, the internal muscles of the quadriceps (internal waistline) will target the training.


Distance between the legs is closer to the width of the shoulder: If you close the legs and pinch exactly together (in the leg ) and center, the goal is to practice the outer part of the quadriceps (outer wrists) and the distal teeth The deadly is dead.

Pathway in the press of the machine:

You can in two ways push the pressure forward to the front of the leg or back of the leg in any way and through the path of motion.

In the case of pushing a weight to the top with a chest and separating the heels from the platform of the machine (the meaning of the chest is the upper part of the leg ) is the purpose of training the four-leg muscles and is suitable for those who have knee pain. And do not want to put a lot of pressure on their knees.

If you move the weight using the heel up, the focus will be on the hamstring and head muscles.

Tip for people with back pain: Low back pressure affects the upper and lower trunk. When the legs are placed on the upper part of the platform, the aim is to train the muscles and hamstrings, as well as this angle of inclination will put more pressure on the waist. Try to keep your hips and waist up. To do this, keep your legs up and down until your shoulders and waist are not lifted from the seat.

If the back of the machine is more than 45 degrees to the ground and the upper trunk is also leaning back, pressure on the lower vertebrae of the spine is reduced and the muscles of the quadriceps are more affected.

Range of motion in the press of the machine:

The usual range of movement that has been suggested for moving the press legs is to stop the movement to maintain tension on the four-headed muscles, a little before the knee fully open and the famous promise is locked. You do not need to worry, and look for the exact size of the angles, just to prevent the locking and full opening of the knee, you’re doing the right thing.

If you’ve been busy with heavy squat training to grow your four-headed muscles, try and keep your leg pressed. Keep in mind that leg presses lower the pressure on the spine and reduce the risk of injury and lower back pain compared to the bolt squat.

To raise the pressure in the leg press, move to the lowest point of the movement for 1-2 seconds, and push the feet upwards while lining the air. Exercise is also very important in this movement, and when you want to push the weights with exertion, exhale, and when the feet are lowered, do the tail.

آموزش حرکت پرس پا با دستگاه

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